Bring your art collection outside with these playful metal sculptures by Yardbirds® now on display at Show Of Hands in our Denver, Colorado gallery. Handmade by artisans in Louisville, Kentucky, these unique creations will both amuse and amaze you with their originality and craftsmanship.

From Junkyard To Gallery

Created from scrap metal, discarded car parts, old tools and junk of all manner and description, Yardbirds® recycles rejected materials that would otherwise end up in our crowded landfills, transforming them into one-of-a-kind artworks. Part of the fun of owning a Yardbirds® critter is recognizing the individual parts that make up these pieces. Not only do they enhance and beautify your home and yard, but they also make a small contribution towards protecting the environment. They also weather all seasons outdoors, slowly rusting to an attractive finish.

Art With A Sense of HumorJunkyard Cat

The fanciful Yardbirds® artwork showcased by Show Of Hands will make you smile and will provide a conversation piece for your neighbors and visitors for many years to come. They include many different unique handcrafted creations such as:

  • Junkyard® Dogs and Cats
  • Cruisin’ Critters™
  • Kitchen Kritters™
  • Swirly Birds
  • Spyder Gears

Junkyard® Dogs and Cats

Whether you own a pet or just like seeing these crazy and endearing creations in your yard, Junkyard® Dogs and Cats come in many sizes, shapes, and breeds to suit your fancy.

Cruisin’ Critters™

Critters on wheels will appeal to those who love motorcycles, racecars, and all manner of vehicles, even if only from an armchair.

Kitchen Kritters™

Bring the fun indoors and amuse your dinner guests with these delightful yet useful additions to your kitchen or table.

Swirly Birds

Let your imagination take flight with these lighthearted swirly pieces depicting birds and flying creatures of all kinds.

Spyder Gears

These creepy crawly critters are made from, you guessed it, spyder gears taken from a vehicle’s gear set.

A One Of A Kind Gallery

Show Of Hands downtown Denver, Colorado gallery is currently featuring the unique artistry of Yardbirds® and invites you to come and explore their many offerings. Turn your yard into a whimsical menagerie or use a single piece as a focal point in your garden. If you are looking for that perfect unusual gift for a friend or even yourself, drop by and see us today.

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