Penney Bidwell

Penney Bidwell

Show of Hands in Denver, Colorado is delighted to feature the powerfully expressive childlike figures created by local Denver artist Penney Bidwell. The beauty and emotional content of her diminutive sculptures will not only capture your heart but also evoke memories and emotions relating to your own experiences in life.

Penney Bidwell’s Uniquely Crafted Sculptures

Each figure in the collection has been handbuilt from clay. Penney Bidwell’s educational background in psychology brings a deep internal understanding of the human experience that translates to her hands while sculpting the clay, allowing her characters to develop moment by moment as a direct expression of her subconscious. To create the rich color and texture of each ceramic sculpture, a combination of slips, stains, glazes, oxides and even found objects are painstakingly applied in layers accompanied by multiple firings.

Bidwell CeramicArt with a Story to Tell

These exquisitely detailed figurines seem to carry an array of deep underlying emotions in their sweet but solemn cherubic faces, from grief and disappointment to hope and wonder. Haunting eyes reflect the wisdom and weight of the world and remind us of our own life experiences. Their unspoken stories capture our imagination and invite us to get to know them better.

Just a few of the amazingly expressive pieces in Bidwell’s latest collection include:

  • The Magician
  • Spring
  • Ennui
  • Queen (III)
  • Sweet
  • Having It All

A Gallery Of Possibility

At Show of Hands downtown Denver gallery and gift shop,we invite you to visit and discover in person the power and brilliance of Penney Bidwell. Indulge your whimsy and browse through her exciting and surprising creations, letting your imagination and intuition lead you to the perfect selection for you. Stop by today to purchase a gift for yourself to add to your collection or find that perfect unique gift for a kindred spirit.

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